Friday, May 16, 2014

Sunday Read, 40"x25"

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Last night during the Marietta Art Walk at dk Gallery I had a very unique and touching experience. Something that I've been told that's happened before but I've never had been lucky enough to be present for. As I was talking about specific pieces to people yesterday I noticed through the corner of my eye a couple that was listening in. During my conversation I noticed that the woman in the couple had started to cry. Later we were introduced and they had expressed how much they loved my work. So we started to talk about it some more and I showed her the latest hummingbird piece which I brought in that very night. As I explained the story and process about it she began to cry again. She apologized because as you can imagine I became very concerned. She told me that they were happy tears. That my work touches her so much emotionally that it aways makes her cry. Now even more so since I talked about it and what the piece was about. After we talked, they thanked me profoundly and went on their way. Not before purchasing that piece. I'm very grateful for that. It really is an indescribable feeling that I get knowing that my work has touched somebody in such a way. The magic that art has, the reactions that it evokes, good or bad. Is truly amazing. Donna, the owner of the gallery, told me that it's not the first time that's happened and that she wasn't the only one that's had that reaction to my work. She was happy that I was there to witness it because she said that artists aren't usually around to see it. I very seldom go into detail about what the pieces are about. I like people to have their own interpretations instead of mine guiding them. I've learned a lot from that, sometimes I'm told things that never had occurred to me and enrich my own experience with my artwork. Hearing/seeing people's reactions and their meaning adds unforseen layers to the work. Sometimes shapes what comes next. This time,however, knowing what the piece was really about deepened her experience. The past 2 years my main focus, as you can tell, has been my girls. More so as models. Conceptually it has been about being a parent, the experience that I've been going through, witnesses, the fears and aspirations that come with the role. The models in my work, past and present, are the actors in the plays. I try not to go for likeness, so the intention is not to be specifically about them. That said in a way it is since they are the motivation behind it, the experience that they've brought into my world. Thank you to everybody that has "liked" and made comments on my work. It means a lot to me, even if I just hit "like" on them.